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Cloud Computing

Todays consumer has become accustomed to the advantages of having everything at your finger tips from the Cloud, but plant data has been harder to get to.  It is not just a product that is needed.  Someone needs to make it all work.


Security is the first concern when we connect to the internet.  That is why we partner with only the most secure device manufacturers.


"There's an APP for that!"

Almost everything in our lives has an APP.  Except for my legacy instruments and controls.  We can connect your data to your smart-phone, and it is not as hard as it seems.  Let our experts show you how.

1. Smart Devices

2. Edge Computing

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IIOT solution

You may be dreaming of what you could do with real-time data and historical trends.  Predictive maintenance, cost allocations, power reduction, plant supervision, process tuning with artificial intelligence, the list is endless. 




While you may not have all of the smart systems and devices you would like, there are many devices in your facility that we can connect to.  Let's start trending that data now and begin learning the lessons that this data reveals as we think about where we want to get to.